Creating Spaces for Human Beings

There is a game that I have been waiting literal years to come out: Star Citizen. The promise from the creators is that it will be the most immersive game in space, ever. After years of drama, setbacks, and praise, it looks like it might actually come out within the year (or 2019...).

The creators of the game are very good about showcasing ships, and asking for community feedback. Being that we will mostly be in these vessels, it makes sense to get as much feedback as possible before the game officially launches. While I was not at all surprised to see a review of the new 600i, I was surprised to see how he described himself: as an architect.

Architects don’t just build buildings. We create spaces for the human being.
— Morphologis

Even if you are not looking forward to the game, I highly recommend giving this video a few minutes of your time. The way that he walks you through his design process made me think about how I have designed my own space in my apartment.

Once I opened my mind to thinking of architecture in fictional places, my mind started racing between so many stories; from Hogwarts to Catan. But some of the most iconic places, that readers and viewers have both been in often, are the castles in Game of Thrones.


What I love the most about how GRR Martin designed each castle is each one fits the place, ideally. The Citadel is the bastion of knowledge of the world, and so the building reflects the researchers inside being literally above everyone around. High Garden and River Run reflect the local terrain; pastures and a river respectively. Especially the twins, which represent a rare castle bridge; forcing gifts from those who want to cross.

What fictional spaces have you been in the most? Which has captured your imagination each time you daydream?