Experiential Educator, Technological Optimist, Storyteller



Ben is currently working as a Fab Lab Education Facilitator at the Carnegie Science Center. Before this he attended Western Washington University's Masters in Outdoor Environmental Education Graduate Program with a residency at the North Cascades Institute. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies with a focus in Education from Allegheny College in 2014. His passion for exploration has led him from his birthplace of Western Pennsylvania to New Hampshire for a year of service at City Year to Washington State. He believes that education about the natural world is at the root of sustainability and is a key component of ensuring the future sustainability of this planet.


Ben defines technology as any tool used by a biotic organism with intention. This means that everything from iPads to clothes can be considered technology. He sees that homo sapiens have a unique opportunity on this planet. They have developed technologically at an exceptional rate which is an amazing feat in itself. He worries that without ensuring intention, however, that technology can harm other biotic organisms on this planet (as the bird trapped in the feeder to the left). As long as technology is implemented intentionally, Ben views it as a key to sustainability on this planet rather than a hindrance.


Stories have been with human culture for millennial and Ben views them as powerful tools in education, sustainability, and life. He loves to tell stories in various ways such as telling the story of the three brothers hunting the great bear called Nyah-gwaheh under the stars to singing an opera piece about being a pirate king.

His main way to tell the personal story of his life is through Roald the Penguin and his blog, Bioprecipitation. Ben's personal Traveling Gnome goes with him on all of his adventures and showcases the amazing parts of this earth they have both seen. Ben looks forward to taking Roald to Antarctica one day to "reunite with his penguin family."